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€€銆€Chinese and foreign researchers understand that old Tibet under the feudal serfdom was a place even darker and mo▓re decadent than Medieval Europe. The serf-owners, accounting for five percent of the whole pupolation of Ti

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rf-owners ruthlessly exploited the serfs. 銆€銆€Tibetan people perform to mark the first Serfs Emancipation Day at Tianjin Square in Qamdo, southwest China's Ti▓bet Autonomous Region, March 28, 2009. (Xinhua/He Junchang)銆€銆€T

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here were three major monasteries -- Gaindan, Sera, Tashilhunpo in old Tibet, Liu added. The three amassed a fortune that included 321 manors, 147,000 mu(24▓,500 acres) of land, 26 pastures, 110,000 heads of cattle and 40,000 s

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ful noble -- Wangc▓hen Gelek, who also had dozens of manors. It ▓covered an area of 1,200 mu (240 acres), with 400 serfs and 100 Nangsans. 銆€銆€Tibetan people in traditional dress celebrate the fi▓rst Serfs Emancipation Day at h

€€銆€Liu Wei

, who also once worked ▓as a journalist in Tibet for more than 20 years, outlined his view in an i▓nterview with Xinhuanet recently. 銆€銆€Liu Wei (L),▓ a senior reporter of Xinhua News A

ome in Qamdo, sou▓thwest China's

Tibet Autonomo

us Region, March 28, 2009. ▓(Xinhua/He Junchang)銆€銆€The f

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gency, is in an inte rview with Xinhuan et on March 27 ,▓ 2009. Liu,also a Tibetologist once lived and w orked in Tib et for 26 year s. (Xinhua Pho to)銆€銆 €"The abolition of serfdom in 1959 is a refo rm on Tibet's social s ystem and a key co mpo▓nent of China 's New-Democratic Revolution," he sa id, "it follow s the historic 镇远县5G 绥滨县5G 永吉县5G 秦皇岛市wap 应城市5G 廊坊市wap 纳雍县wap 余庆县wap 临朐县5G 万年县wap 五原县wap 六盘水市5G 即墨市wap 黎川县5G 本溪满族自治县5G 石首市wap 汝南县5G 遵化市5G 鹿泉市5G 潞城市5G 手机版传奇私服 传奇私服怎么解压 传奇私服复古金币 散人能赚钱的传奇私服 传奇私服新开网站 战旗传奇私服 无赦超变传奇私服 死神单职业传奇私服 盛大传奇私服下载 经典传奇私服网页版